Aberdare Capital Advisors

Associate Investment & Financial Analyst, ICIFA Kenya

1. Which NSE stocks should I buy?

We recommend buy and sell decisions to only our business partners.
However, you can find informational articles on stocks at GP’s blog or become a partner

2. Which currency trading strategies do you use?

Quantitative and systematic best describe out strategies.
Check out process to get a view of how we come up strategies.

3. Are you regulated by CMA?

No. However, we are a member of Institute of Certified and Investment Analysts Kenya

4. How big is your return?

Although past performance is not guarantee for future success, you can have a look at our performance page.

5. Could you help me with NSE shares historical data?

Send us an email, but you can check out free sources such as investing.com or paid data at nse.co.ke


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