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Dear Reader,

It is a great pleasure to introduce Aberdare Capital Advisors to you.
We are a start up investment partnership with an impressive 2 year track record in the NSE and FX market.

My partners and I started Aberdare Capital Advisors to grow our capital by investing/trading as a team,
while we work together towards the vision of a professional financial investment advisory firm for lower and middle income persons.

Over 80% Kenyans engage in formal financial services from a low of 25% in the last 10years.
So more people run bank accounts, buys stocks, join SACCOs etcetera.

Often, varieties of GREAT but COMPLEX products are available in the market- 20+ unit trusts providers,
55+ listed companies, the recent futures market at the Nairobi Securities Exchange, international markets (FX, Other Securities Exchange, etcetra)

Though the positive changes are giving people a wide range of choices,
the typical investor lacks the capacity and training to make correct judgments.
High financial illiteracy rate limits the ability to invest and manage risks.
FinAccess(2019) estimated 48% of the respondents either have never heard about the stock market or do not understand the basics of how it works.

Aberdare Capital Advisors invites you to join our partnership and grow your capital in a safe, sustainable and transparent way.

By joining the partnership, we believe you can get value for your investment journey while learning from the other partners.
Large portion of our personal resources are invested in the markets, so we work hard to achieve high risk adjusted returns.

Transparency is rare. Scams and other frauds are common.
Investors struggle to identify value for paid financial advice and services.
We are aware of this problem and have done three things to address it.

  1. General Partner is a member of the Institute of Certified and Investment and Financial Analysts.
    So we adhere to the code of conduct as stipulated in the Institute and Investment and Financial Analysts Act (No.13 of 2015).

  2. Each partner has full control of their funds and investment accounts.

  3. We publish performance results with a comparison to the respective suitable benchmarks indexes.
    We also try to use third party verifiers and external auditors.

We look forward to a great partnership with you

Samuel Wachira
General Partner, Aberdare Capital Advisors
Dated 20th June 2019


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